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Dec 29, 2012 6:00pm EST
andersons? >> guest: martin anderson and annelise anderson. they are economists at the hoover institution who worked with reagan in the '76 and '80 campaigns, very closely with him. martin traveled with reagan on the plane, was a close adviser. and i saw his name quite often in the archives, and annelise's as well. they're fellows at the hoover institution, and so since i was there, i could go to them and show them documents, and they helped me understand what i was seeing. and so that collaboration became central, because reagan--as you notice, looking at the book, he covered every--almost every issue facing the us, domestic and foreign: abortion, africa, arms control, weapons systems, taxation, regulatory policy. he was doing this all by himself. but we as scholars, most of us focus narrowly on a single area that we specialize in. and so the andersons and i really needed each other for this story. they could do the domestic and economic, and i could focus more on the foreign-policy side, and then we did joint parts together. so there's a lot of luck that happened at every turn with this
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1